A number of years ago when Cross of Hope decided to build a large extension on our facility, creating a welcoming space to share with and serve the community at large was always a key part of the vision to build-on.  As such, Cross of Hope Church Council is excited to share that we have been working on outlining the details of a Lease Agreement to share our space with a local Seventh-Day Adventist community of faith.

For those who don’t know a lot about this Protestant denomination (like Lutheran), one distinguishing characteristic from other Christian denominations is their observance of Saturday (the 7th day of the week) as the Sabbath.  Those familiar with Cross of Hope’s regular calendar would note that Saturdays are typically our quietest days of the week. As we discerned the possibility of sharing our space with another community of faith, this difference in the observance of the sabbath turns out to positively impacts the feasibility of leasing out a large portion Cross of Hope’s facility on this regular weekly basis.

Of course there are some Saturdays when we do use the majority of our facility (Craft Boutique, Weddings & Funerals to name a few). For those weeks, Ramsey Seventh Day Adventist Church does have other backup arrangements they can make for scheduling conflicts we let them know about in advance. Sharing of space takes time and intention to work out well for all parties, so we are starting with a 6 month lease. That said, we are truly excited about the opportunities and healthy Mission-minded use of the resources we are called to Steward that this space-sharing opportunity provides!

We plan for them to begin worshiping here at Cross of Hope on their Sabbath days starting in the new year. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, as always, you are encouraged to share them with any church staff, ministry leader, or council member.

Grace and peace to you all as we anticipate the arrival of our Lord!