Cross of Hope was a vision of Pastor Dale Olson who with his wife, Alene and son, Eric was called by the Division for Mission in North America of the Lutheran Church in America to organize a new congregation in the northern Anoka area on November 1, 1981.  First worships were at the Anoka High School in 1982.  Ground breaking began in August 1983.  CHEES Preschool started in fall of 1985 at Cross of Hope.  Our preschool now is named Children of Hope Preschool.  Garden of Hope Cemetery was established in May of 1988.  Our children’s Rainbow Choir was started and led by Alene Olson in 1982.  Rainbow Choir is still going today and led by Mary Struwve.  Cross of Hope celebrated their 25 anniversary in September of 2007.

Pastor Dale at Anoka High School


Pastor Dale Olson and worship at Anoka High School 1982