Mission Statement & Discipleship Process

Cross of Hope Lutheran Church is about
                   inviting people into a deeper walk of discipleship.

That’s the extent of our mission statement, short and simple. A visual/image we think of to help us to better understand what inviting people into a deeper walk of discipleship looks like is a zero entry pool. You can’t just start swimming, you first have to take a number of steps deeper into the water. This is the pool of discipleship, and you’re invited to come on in because the water is great!  Baptism is just the beginning it only takes a splash of water and word; discipleship is about learning to swim in those baptismal waters!

Discipleship Process:

This discipleship oriented Mission Statement is the what of Cross of Hope Lutheran Church, and the following discipleship process is the how. How exactly do we go about inviting you into a deeper walk of discipleship? Through:

  1. Connecting with God and neighbor,
  2. Growing in Christ with others,
  3. and Serving the world.

These are the three steps one must take in a walk of Christian discipleship. Connecting, Growing, and Serving are the steps that we are inviting you to take with us, and we pray that you will take us up on the invitation!