Every time we collect an offering we make sure to note that the money that is collected is used to support the ministries of the church and people in need.  One of the ways that the body of Christ through Cross of Hope Lutheran Church is caring for people in need is by directing a portion of our weekly giving to local charitable organizations with whom we partner, and also directing a portion of what we receive to the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA, to which our congregation belongs, who in turn directs an even larger portion of their income to other local, regional, and global aid organizations.

Every Quarter the congregational Council discerns together where that quarter's local benevolence is directed. Many council members throughout the years have said that this is a particularly joy-bringing aspect of serving on council, but alas we have also heard from many new council members that they were unaware of this aspect of our congregation's ministry to the local community until they were asked to serve in this discerning capacity! This is why we are seeking to be more intentional about communicating this important work of our congregation and council to the general public. Below you will find a list of organizations we have supported and partnered with, listed by year. If you know of an organization you think Cross of Hope Lutheran Church should consider supporting, please let us know! You can call us at the church office, mail us information, or send us an email (contact information can be found at the bottom of our main page). We are always looking for new ways to support those in need in our community, so we encourage you to submit a suggestion anytime!

Below you will find a list of recipients of Cross of Hope's quarterly locol benevolance over the last 5 years.