At Cross of Hope, we believe that God has brought each and ever person into the Church/Body of Christ for a reason! God desires for you to bring your full self to a life of discipleship through connecting with God and neighbor, growing in Christ with others, and serving the world! We see it as one of the key roles of the Church today to help congregation members discover more deeply what and how God in Christ is calling you to live out that journey of discipleship, for some it might be about sharing your gifts within the church, and other with local community, or to share your gifts more broadly still!

One step in the process of Christ's call for us to share our gifts and passions is becoming more deeply aware of what our gifts and passions are, so if you have not already, please take a moment to fill our this online spiritual gifts inventory and email the results (or just send your top 5 Spiritual Gifts Categories) to the church office

We would love to help you find deeper meaning through answering Christ's call to serve the church and world today!